A beautiful bathroom is everyone’s dream

—A Checklist To Bathroom Interior Design—

A beautiful bathroom is everyone’s dream. Designing your bathroom is an exhilarating task for many yet daunting for some. We know that designing a bathroom can be a complicated, tedious, and an expensive process if you are not a professional. So before jumping headfirst into making changes to your bathroom, here is a checklist of essentials every bathroom needs. Whether you’re looking for small bathroom ideas or spacious ones, we’ve created some elegant bathroom designs for you to consider for your next home renovation project.

A Modern Bathroom Design With Clean Lines Patterned Flooring

A refreshing bathroom design featuring a stunning combination of navy and white. Geometric patterned flooring is the major focal point of this space.

A Small Modern Organic Bathroom Design With Marble Tiles

This classy looking bathroom is designed with a white and brown colour scheme. Marble tiles add a luxue touch to the space.

A Sleek Modern Bathroom Design With Marble And Vitrified Tiles

This modern master bathroom is all about style and storage. A mix of in-built organisers and drawers offer ample storage space.

A Minimalistic Style Bathroom Design In Grey Tones With Wood Finishes

This elegant bathroom is designed with on the principles of minimalism. The colour scheme is grey for the tiles and wood finishes on cabinets .

A Small Bathroom Design With Slate Tiles

This sleek, stylish bathroom features charcoal coloured slate tiles with a smart space saving vanity unit. Storage options have been custom designed .

A Modern Classical Bathroom

A vanity with dual-drawers and open shelf for storage. A shower area with glass partition and wall niches to store essentials. Ceramic tiles for the flooring.

A Minimalistic Style Bathroom Design In A Pastel Colour Scheme

This minimalistic style bathroom design with pastel coloured interiors and a mix of marble is perfect for every home. Mosaic tiles on the flolor.

A Classic Take On A Modern Bathroom With Rich Green Walls

This bathroom is designed with classic white interiors, emerald green walls and golden accents. The colour scheme used in this bathroom design is luxurious.