—Dining Room Design Styles—

Long-lasting Home Interiors Tailored to Fulfill Your Needs

This heart of the home can be a place you show off your interior design style. Take into consideration the space, functionalities you want it to serve and then experiment with furniture, furnishings, colour palettes, and lighting for a perfect setting to host meals and create memories. Read our guide to know what you need and where before you start designing your dining room interiors.It is often believed that a family that eats together, stays together, thereby making the dining room one of the most indispensable areas in a house! Whether you are looking for a compact dining unit or a spacious one, here’s your daily dose of dining room interior design inspiration to start your home interior journey today.

Neo Classical Style Dining Room Interior Design

This dining room uniquely blends colours of grey, emerald, beige and white. It has been designed with style and simplicity in equal measure.

A Dining Cum KItchen Layout

A four-seater dining table in white with beige chairs A bookshelf with push to open storage cabinets that lend a seamless look.

A Modern Dining Room Design With An Open Bookshelf

A four-seater wooden dining table with tufted chairs. A full-length open bookshelf to showcase your collection. A combination of pendant .

A Dining Room Design With A Crockery Unit And A Bookshelf

A six seater wooden dining table. A floral wallpapered wall. A crockery unit with aluminium glass shutters and striplights. A vertical open bookshelf.

A Modern Industrial Dining Room

A brick wall painted in white. A four seater dining table. A compact bar unit with a wine rack and base drawers.

An Elegant Modern Dining Room A Console

A six seater wooden dining table with cushioned chairs. A side cabinet with drawers, cabinets with glass shutters and a granite countertop.

An Uber-Stylish Dining Room With A Bar Unit

A six seater wooden dining table with comfortable chairs. A designer bar unit with a combination of handleless drawers, cabinets with glass shutters .

A Modern Eclectic Dining Room Design With A Wallpapered Wall

A compact crockery unit with handleless drawers and a vertical section with glass sliders. A four seater dining table with two types of chairs.

A Stylish Modern Dining Room Design

A smart wallpaper on one wall. A false ceiling with cove and recessed lighting. A four-seater dining table in white with blush seat cushions.

A Modern Dining Room Design With A View

A four-seater dining table. Decorative pendant lights in gold make a chic statement to this space.

A Bold Dining Room Design In Red White Space Saving Furniture

Floral wallpaper on one wall makes this space look stylish. A wooden side cabinet with a marble top and handless shutter and drawers.

A Dining Cum Living Area With Smart Modular Furniture Design

A vertical bookshelf with open and closed cabinets. A simple dining table with an elongated pouffe and twin chairs.

Dining Room Interior Design In Industrial Style

A crockery unit with open shleves with worn laminate for an industrial look A wooden partition divides the living room with dining area

A Neo-Classical Dining Room With Marble Flooring

A neo-classical style dining room attached to an open kitchen area. A wooden table with four cushioned chairs.

A Modern Dining Room With A Stylish Bar Unit With A Wine Rack

A modern dining room with a neutral colour scheme. A beautiful wallpaper in white that brings in character to the space lends an edgy look to this spac.

A Traditional Dining Room With Vintage Wooden Furniture

An elegant wooden dining table with six upholstered chairs. A beautiful floral wallpaper and wooden panelling lend warmth to the place.

Modern Dining Room Cum Open Kitchen Design

A modern dining area adjacent to the open kitchen to enjoy meals with friends and family. A glass sliding door.

A Cosy Dining Area With Simple Wooden Furniture

A modern wooden table with four chairs armless cushioned chairs. A geometric patterned wallpaper brings in character to the space.

A Gorgeous Neo Classical Dining Room In A Neutral Colour Scheme

A neo-classical white wooden round dining table with cabriole legs. The dining table has four armless chairs with yellow cushions.

A Dining Room With A Space Saving Crockery Unit

The dining area is highlighted with a decorative carpet and a false wooden ceiling, coupled with a dome-shaped pendant light.