—How To Decide Your Living Room Interiors—

Often overlooked in the world of interior design is the crucial designed space that adds a point of interest and finishing touch to your home — the end table. End tables are a great gamble, especially if you are the kind that loves to showcase your finest works of art to display, read along with your TV running in the background or simply enjoy the idea of keeping your home decor updated! With that being said, here are 5 super gorgeous end table designs that you’d do nothing but swoon over..Doubling up as a great storage unit in your living room is this elegant leather trunk-style end table. It strikes a sense of luxury but you can also double it as your throw blanket storage bin or hook your favourite reads in it

A Modern Living Room With A TV Unit Designed With Storage

A multifunctional compact TV unit that has enough storage shelves and cabinets to maintain a clutter-free look. A sectional sofa upholstered in white fabric with side cover pockets to stack reading material.

An Industrial Rustic Living Room In Soothing Earthy Tones

The living room has brick-wall cladding on the wall against the seating area and a stunning indoor window that overlooks the bedroom space.The wall against the TV unit features wall art above the TV and an large indoor plant .

An Elegant Living Room Design With A Dark Wood Laminate

This is a spacious, orderly living room setup in a neutral colour scheme with a pop of yellow. The living room is equipped with a TV unit finished in dark wood laminate and storage cabinets at the bottom.

A Modern Minimalist Living Room With TV Unit And Bookshelf

Designed in neutral tones of beige and cream, this living room boasts modern luxury and cosiness. The grand living space features a lovely TV unit with a cabinet as well as a wall-mounted bookshelf for leisurely evenings.

A WFH Friendly Living Room For Working Professionals

This contemporary living room boasts a striking combination of whites, blues and greys to create the perfect atmosphere. It works as a multi-functional room with bookshelves.

A Living Room Design For A Small Indian Homes

This living room in a subtle pastel tone has two textured walls facing each other. A sleek TV unit mounted on the wall adds functionality to this space apart from making this area look incredibly stylish.

An Eclectic Living Room With A Traditional Touch

This compact living room includes a perfect combination of multiple design aesthetics. Ample use of wood lends warmth to the space, while the stone finish walls

Industrial Style Living Room Interior Design

Wood and marble finishes blend together in one industrial style living room. Wooden flooring and an exposed brick wall behind the sofa add to the interior design style.