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—How To Choose A Balcony Grill Design—

Isn’t it just wonderful to sit out in your balcony and sip a hot cup of coffee or read your favourite book? Imagine watching the raindrop fall elegantly from the sky and hit the ground. When it’s a hot summer day, you can have a barque grill set up in your balcony and enjoy a chilled beer with a group of friends. A glass grill for a balcony is classic and looks chic. We at Design Cafe have come up with a new guide all on balcony grill designs and layouts. Take a quick read through this latest guide to know your balcony better..

A Balcony Design With A Cosy Work Station

This balcony is designed with fluted wooden panelling on the accent wall that brings in warmth to the space. The workstation in white is an elongated ledge that bends into a seating area with storage beneath.

A Blue And White Balcony Multifunctional Furniture

This refreshing balcony in blue and white is for those who would like to just hangout or read a book by a beautiful view. An accent wall in brick cladding gives it a nice touch of country life

A Stylish Balcony Design With A Book Cabinet

This balcony is specially designed for people who love to read books while enjoying nature. The hanging wicker swing adds a cosy vibe to the space while the brick cladding wall brings in rustic charm space.

A Balcony Design With A Smart Bar Unit

This house balcony with a cosy bar unit is a perfect place to hang out with friends and family. The balcony bar top can also be used as a study counter to attend your office meetings.

A Balcony Design With A Brick Wall And Open Shelves

This balcony is designed with a brick cladding wall and stylish accents. A comfortable seating arrangement with a cabinet beneath improves the functionality of the space.

An Enclosed Balcony With A Home Office Setup

This enclosed balcony has an elegant home office arrangement ideal for those work from home sessions. The balcony is specially designed with a wooden open storage shelf coupled with a laminate finished.

A Petit Balcony With A Turf Grass In The Wall And Floor

A small balcony with turfgrass wall and a single-seater wicker swing makes for an ideal spot to unwind. The comfortable seating area with storage beneath provides ample space to store things.

A Vivacious Balcony With Multifunctional Furniture

This balcony is striking for being peppy and eye-catching. The chairs with blue cushions, the turfgrass carpet and hanging planters add a comfortable aura to the space.